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Into The Icefall – Promo The promo of my latest adventure TV series is up on the official YouTube channel of Indus News. This is what the channel has to say about it:    "After successfully completing the #ChashkinChallenge, Sa'ad Mohamed is back with...

Promo – Aik Baar Phir Shimshal Aik Baar Phir Shimshal - my 8th expedition in the Shimshal area. No summit but some very good high altitude exposure.Major Expeditions are challenging to pull off without brand partners. I would like to thank & appreciate Gobi's Paints...

The Coffee At Shuwrth

Good coffee is a savior at high altitude. Mountains, fresh snow, solitude and a good cup of coffee – what else could one ask for..

The Lunch At Larri Adda

From Multan we arrived in Bahawalpur at night. We rediscovered the Noor Mehel and then ended up at the Larri Adda truck hotel on the National Highway for lunch.

Mission Rakhiot Promo 7070

Promo of Mission Rakhiot 7070 – a documentary made by Sa’ad Mohamed for Discover Pakistan HD TV. Full documentary has gone on air on Discover Pakistan TV and will be uploaded soon on You Tube.

An Evening In Multan

On my last trip to South Punjab I did not get to see much of Multan. This time around, we did a quick food tour and also got to see the famous tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam.

Syrian Shawarma Vs. Afghani Burger

So on our way back from Malamjabba we had a stopover in Islamabad and and the boiz decided to try out the Syrian Shawarma and the Afghani Burger (wrap) to see if all the hype is justified 😀

Survival On Spantik

Recently got published in The Navy News Magazine. Survival On Spantik PDFDownload

K2 Winter 2021 Exclusive On Khalid Malik’s Morning Jam

On my recent appearance on Khalid Malik's morning show on FM 91 we talked about the missing climbers on K2 and the challenges that winter climbing on peaks like K2 entail ... thoughts and prayers for the families of the missing climbers.


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