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Into The Icefall – Promo The promo of my latest adventure TV series is up on the official YouTube channel of Indus News. This is what the channel has to say about it:    "After successfully completing the #ChashkinChallenge, Sa'ad Mohamed is back with...

Meet The 8-Thousander – Rozi Ali | Podcast 7

Meet the 8-thousander is my original podcast series, where I have a conversation with accomplished mountaineers who are bound to inspire. In the 7th episode I meet Ali Rozi in Hushay Village in late July, while on our way back from Broad Peak via Gondogoro La. Ali...

My First Snowboarding Lesson

Just in time for the ski season at Malam Jabba.

Featured On Daily Minute Mirror

Excited to be featured on the Daily Minute Mirror, this exclusive article talks about my journey as a mountaineer and my future climbing plans.

Featured On The Take Back | Adeel Azhar

Adeel Azhar, who is a very popular morning radio show host in Pakistan, gave me a shout out on The Take Back podcast.

Malam Jabba Ski Resort 2023

Just in time for the ski season at Malam Jabba.

Featured On Salam Pakistan | Discover Pakistan TV

Got invited on the morning show - Salam Pakistan on Discover Pakistan TV recently. Got to talk about mountaineering and its challenges and my future plans.

Koup | Lightest Workout Shirts

By far the lightest workout shirts I have worn to date. Koup shirts are made of eco-friendly cinnamon and recycled plastic. Shop here:

Climb Safe Episode 01 | Fixed Rope Anchor Shifting

On my last rotation on Broad Peak in 2021 I decided to make a small video tutorial on the importance of anchor shifting techniques while climbing down. Here I am using an ATC Guide to rappel with a screw locking carabiner in the safety sling. Do subscribe to my...

Got Featured On Maleha Barry’s Podcast

A very candid chit chat with Maleha Barry.

Meet The 8-Thousander – Antonina Samoilova | Podcast 5

In the 5th episode I meet Antonina Samoilova at the K2 Base Camp in early July, before she made it to the summit of K2. She had already scaled Everest in spring 2022 when she came to Pakistan.


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